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Truck Tunes For Tots

Catchy tunes for kids who DIG heavy equipment!

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How We Got Here

This little book all began with my grandson, Greer Yorke, a precious truck obsessed two year old. While I was babysitting he demanded I sing a song about a red dump truck. I had nothing!! Then he wanted a song about a front loader. Again, nothing, and I was stringing together nonsense to appease him. While he was satisfied with my lackluster performance, I decided next time I would have some legitimate truck tunes to sing to him. I came back home and got to work!

My grandson, Greer, is named for my son Nathan Greer Yorke who died at 19 years old. During his life my son was involved with the construction of a school in Costa Rica when he visited on a mission trip in 2007. His friends and family honored him by funding and dedicating a computer lab there in his memory. 

Once I put this book together and showed it to my husband he came up with the idea to publish and donate the proceeds to Hogar Escuela in Costa Rica. This idea made my heart so happy as I felt it tied my two Greers together in yet another way. 


I'd love to hear your feedback!

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